Reviews for Borderland Mysteries

“A sinister plot comes to light in the desolate borderlands, accusing the desperate when pure evil is at work. The setting of this unthinkable setup unearths a powerful force with a panicked, hate-filled mind whose only goal is to keep the truth hidden, and will keep you turning the pages. If you’re looking to get lost in a book, this is a new go-to author who doesn’t disappoint!”
– Bryan Roberts, Author of The Savage Saga—Volumes 1-3
“The mystery commences immediately with an eerie crash on a lonely road, and in comes a group of characters I will never forget led by U.S. Federal Marshal Gabe Zamora. Alex Ranslow is a delightful member of this team and a great character for the LGBTQ community to cheer! Sam DeSilva is the IT extraordinaire, and Cyn Beauvoir, ex-CIA rounds out this incredible team. When the group find themselves embroiled in this mystery on the Texas border, the marshals have to face-off with sinister minds in order to bring justice to the deceased. A unique, exciting mystery series that hits on all cylinders. 5-Stars!”
– The Feathered Quill
“Accident or cold-blooded murder? BJ Taylor spins a mysterious tale, while introducing us to a unique quartet of crime fighter/U.S. Marshals, who will hopefully live on in many more stories to come from this multi-talented writer. Prepare to read in one sitting!”
– Mark M. Bello, Bestselling author of The Zachary Taylor Legal Thrillers.
“This is a fantastic puzzle from start to finish! Revenge, power, vigilantes, corrupt law officials and agencies – this story begins with an explosion and ends with one too. I cannot wait to see what Book #2 has in store for this U.S. Marshal team.”
– Reader Views
“A book for modern times enlightening people about the Mexico/US border through thrilling fiction. My ‘favorite’ U.S. Marshall Alex Ranslow and his native instincts to sense what goes on along the border before it occurs; he excites the reader. This book truly opens peoples’ eyes to genuine issues and is one of the most intriguing mysteries I’ve ever read.”
– Robert Wilson, Author/Podcaster/Cowboy Wisdom Enterprises

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