A look at the geography that is the Borderland

Authors childhood home in Marfa TX_2x3

House where BJ used to live in Marfa, TX

La Posada Milagro_2x3

La Posada Milagro, Terlingua, TX


Big Bend National Park


Sun Rise on top of mesa at La Posada Milagro, Terlingua, TX


Between Marfa, TX and Alpine, TX


Presidio County Courthouse, Marfa, TX


Site of the original Border Patrol Station
Located at the old Ft. Russell, Marfa, TX


Big Bend National Park


Big Bend National Park


Between Alpine, TX and Terlingua, TX

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Praise for Borderland Mysteries

“The mystery commences immediately with an eerie crash on a lonely road, and in comes a group of characters I will never forget led by U.S. Federal Marshal Gabe Zamora. Alex Ranslow is a delightful member of this team and a great character for the LGBTQ community to cheer! Sam DeSilva is the IT extraordinaire, and Cyn Beauvoir, ex-CIA rounds out this incredible team. When the group find themselves embroiled in this mystery on the Texas border, the marshals have to face-off with sinister minds in order to bring justice to the deceased. A unique, exciting mystery series that hits on all cylinders. 5-Stars!” – The Feathered Quill 

“A book for modern times enlightening people about the Mexico/US border through thrilling fiction. My ‘favorite’ U.S. Marshall Alex Ranslow and his native instincts to sense what goes on along the border before it occurs; he excites the reader. This book truly opens peoples’ eyes to genuine issues and is one of the most intriguing mysteries I’ve ever read.” – Robert Wilson, Author/Podcaster/Cowboy Wisdom Enterprises