Borderland Mysteries

Enter the world of the Borderland, between El Paso/Ciudad Juárez and Boca Chica, where U.S. Marshal Gabriella Zamora, and her special team, operate in 2019. This period of political theater in Washington D.C. causes grave misunderstandings about the people and culture of these unique places that erupts in battles, revenge and murder.



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Enter the world of the Borderland, between El Paso/Ciudad Juárez and Boca Chica, where U.S. Marshal, Gabriella Zamora, and her special marshal team operate in 2019, a period of political theater in Washington D.C. and grave misunderstanding about the people and culture of these unique places.

The book is set primarily in El Paso/Ciudad Juarez where a mysterious crime centers on a U.S. Border Patrol SUV wreck in which one Border Patrolman dies and another one seriously injured at a location off Interstate 10 at Sierra Blanca.

 The wreckage is scattered under a highway bridge known to be a rest station for immigrants walking from the nearby Rio Grande River to points north.  The Border Patrol blames unknown Mexican immigrants wandering in the area.  Washington D.C., always on the look out for fodder for political drama, picks up the story with escalating hysteria that could culminate in a major border incident.

U.S. Marshal Zamora and her three-person team are tasked with finding out the truth before POTUS starts to move the military into the area.  Vigilante reprisals from the Border Patrol and state law enforcement against Mexicans escalate. Zamora’s uniquely qualified team holds back the tide of bigotry and reprisal until the true story evolves.  And when the truth materializes, it will shake the foundation of a Federal Law Enforcement Agency and offer solutions for a more peaceful way forward.

Welcome to the Borderland…

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The shocking revelations about the U.S. Border Patrol wreck at a remote highway exit off Interstate 10 near El Paso should have earned U.S. Marshal Gabriella Zamora and her special operations team a brief rest.

 But within hours of concluding Hallelujah’s mystery, Marshal Zamora’s team are packing up headed to the Rio Grande Valley, the RGV, at the request of a U.S. Senator and the Texas Secretary of State to investigate a series of murders at various maquiladoras, or twin manufacturing plants, across from McAllen, in Reynosa. Part diplomatic case and part serial killer crime, the mystery in Requiem tests Gabriella Zamora’s team to their limits as the team address the goal of stopping worker unease that threats manufacturing dollars and pesos strength.

During this borderland episode, Gabriella must confront her relationship with her half-sister, Michelle Tate, whose personality mirrors that of her enigmatic father Mike Tate and her relationship with ex-lover Alessandro Montalvo, a notorious narcotics producer in Reynosa.  Indeed, all the special team members face the perils of a serial killer escalating crimes and the friction of their own relationships.  It is, after all, the RGV where situations on the U.S. side of the River impact a “twin” economic and personal world on the Mexico side of the River.

And nothing is as it appears, really.



A fly fisherman whips his gray ghost lure on the calm surface of the Amistad International Reservoir…a strange light shines from beneath the murky water, followed by a quake and sinkholes to form. Frank Garza witnesses fish float to the surface—dead from an unknown explosion. When the bass are joined by a dead diver, Frank struggles against a force determined to take his boat down, reaches for the corpse, and drags them both to shore. Laying in the dirt, the last thing he remembers is the face of a predator—a black jaguar that stares into his soul.

Alarming events occur in the borderlands; from blood-soaked bodies to the ghost of an Aztec god and his deadly consort and familiar who locals and tourists say roam the dam. A sheriff, fearing a resurgence of a cartel known for murder and mayhem, calls out for help to uncover who or what is behind this newfound terror.

U.S. Marshal Gabriella Zamora leads her team into action. Going against a powerful mercenary in the form of a vengeful shaman, the marshals reveal a plot of monumental proportions tied to mysterious artifacts submerged beneath the deadly water of the reservoir.

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About BJ Taylor

Writer of the new series, Borderland Mysteries, BJ Taylor is a native Texan who has lived for decades along the Borderlands. BJ's first-hand experience with life along the Texas/Mexico border sparked a specific desire and determination to write these incredible stories, to enlighten, educate, and captivate readers. Driven by a strong will to highlight the past and present ongoings of the Borderlands, BJ writes the series to advocate for a brighter future of nation wide understanding, acceptance, and versatility. 

Ocotillo Van Horn April 2009-01

Praise for Borderland Mysteries

“The mystery commences immediately with an eerie crash on a lonely road, and in comes a group of characters I will never forget led by U.S. Federal Marshal Gabe Zamora. Alex Ranslow is a delightful member of this team and a great character for the LGBTQ community to cheer! Sam DeSilva is the IT extraordinaire, and Cyn Beauvoir, ex-CIA rounds out this incredible team. When the group find themselves embroiled in this mystery on the Texas border, the marshals have to face-off with sinister minds in order to bring justice to the deceased. A unique, exciting mystery series that hits on all cylinders. 5-Stars!” – The Feathered Quill 

“A book for modern times enlightening people about the Mexico/US border through thrilling fiction. My ‘favorite’ U.S. Marshall Alex Ranslow and his native instincts to sense what goes on along the border before it occurs; he excites the reader. This book truly opens peoples’ eyes to genuine issues and is one of the most intriguing mysteries I’ve ever read.” – Robert Wilson, Author/Podcaster/Cowboy Wisdom Enterprises